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You're Wellness

After eight years working in a chiropractic office, I began to desire the authentic experience of building a practice from the ground up. I knew I wanted to operate in a space of like minded practitioners with a passion for the healing arts, so when space became available at Three Trees Yoga I was ecstatic! The words ''Welcome To You're Wellness" (You ARE Wellness) came to me from ancestors while on a shamanic journey. Wellness is not to be attained, it is to be unveiled. Wellness is what you ARE


Antoinette Johnson, LMT, Founder

I have always had an interest in natural healing but it was the rollover car accident that I experienced during my senior year of high school that really drove my passion in helping others to help themselves. I have been practicing massage since 2007 and my journey in learning is what feeds my soul, it is never ending. I have advanced training in sports, relaxation, pregnancy, injury, accident, medical, TMJD intraoral massage, aromatherapy, energy and holistic healing. I often find myself in deep meaningful conversations with those I encounter and am interested in all things that help myself and others to flourish


Joshua Martin, LMT

I have always been an artist and began studying anatomy as a teenager. While in art school I developed a deep appreciation for the body-mind connection. As a photo-journalist, I traveled the globe and visited many countries, finding both beauty and profound suffering. It was then that I decided I wanted to be part of helping to make our world more whole, healthy and peaceful. My training at the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego gave me a pathway to express that intention one body at a time. I have been practicing massage since 2011. I enjoy combining deep tissue, shiatsu, trigger point, and relaxation techniques in an intuitive way, to create a therapeutic and restorative experience. I seek to listen deeply and respond to each client’s needs. I treat many chronic and acute conditions such as low back and hip pain, headaches, TMJ, neck problems, shoulder injuries and much more. I look forward to meeting and working with you!


Three Trees Yoga

"We dreamed of a quiet, serene practice room and a healing arts center with the most revered practitioners from our community. When we peeked into the windows of our building for the first time, we sensed we were home. The space felt held by the trees and the Hylebos wetlands surrounding it inspired the name Three Trees Yoga. Students often mention our friendliness and a welcoming quality that they say is hard to find in our big box world."     

-Karen, Suzy & Jeni