What To Expect

If you're unable to fill out your intake prior to arriving, take the opportunity to do so in our lobby. There will be a clipboard with your name on it. I look forward to meeting you!



I advise clients to undress to their comfort level. We use sheets for draping to maintain your modesty and comfort as well as ours so rest assured that you will never be 'exposed'


We will discuss your goals and tailor our session to your specific needs. We want this to be a positive experience so it is essential that we have clear, honest communication. Please verbalize what is, or is not working with your therapist

After Massage

It is important to keep the body hydrated, even prior to your visit. Soreness may occur after receiving massage (even a light massage) as the body works to remove the lactic acid build up that has been stored in your muscles, this may feel similar to an intense workout. Epson salt soaks as well as drinking plenty of water will accelerate the removal of toxins